Crayola Colored Drawing Chalk, 12 Assorted Colors, 12 Sticks/Set

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Love the Chalk Look on Paper?
Indoor and outdoor fun with 12 colorful chalks. This pack of chalk is specifically designed for paper instead of the chalkboard. Love the look and vibrancy of oil pastels but don't like the mess? These colors give you the look of oil pastels without messy fingers.

Vibrant Colors Bring Life to Art
Crayola Drawing Chalk comes in 12 vibrant colors that that allow you to create amazing art prices on paper, poster boards, chalkboard and even the floor. Perfect for small fingers, kids can grasp the chalk and color large areas quickly and easily.

Package Contents
12 non-toxic multi-colored sticks of Crayola Drawing Chalk designed to be used on paper and poster boards.

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