Your Child’s Favorite Color Shows Their Personality!

“No, I want that color. Mommy, he took my pink pencil. Tell him to give it back.” The familiar fight over colored pencils is a mother's daily drama. But why are children drawn to certain colors? 

Interestingly, color can help connect the neuropathways in the brain. When the correct color is found for a person’s problem subject, the student experiences the joy of learning. Children wearing colored goggles who were made to complete pegboard tests were found to solve the tests much faster when wearing goggles of their favorite color.

Now that we know the psychology of color, let's dive into the personalities of each color. Please comment below which is your child's favorite color and we will ship you a 10 pack Crayola Chalk.



Purple-loving toddlers may be the budding artists among their peers. According to Psychology Today, they may often think outside of the box to get their creative juices flowing.


Whimsical and playful, toddlers who love pink are usually the ones who want to play make-believe 24/7 and put having fun above all else. These childlike qualities are even present in adults who love pink.


Yellow is for the thinkers. Toddlers who like yellow might be good at planning and strategizing, according to Weekly World News — even if that just means organizing their toys.  



Toddlers who love red are probably strong-willed. They are the ones who want what they want when they want it even more than most toddlers. Weekly World News reported that red is also the color choice of many extroverts.


Calm and collected people are usually attracted to shades of blue, according to a report by Bustle. Serene like the cool colors of the ocean and sky, toddlers who love blue are probably pretty chill.


Cuddly toddlers who are super affectionate may choose green as their favorite. Lovers of the color green are often seeking security and are loyal, reported Weekly World News.


Friendly, social toddlers may be drawn to orange. Weekly World News reported that orange lovers may enjoy being the center of attention, and if the color preference sticks, you may see them starring on Broadway one day.



Yes, toddlers can love the color black. While Bustle reported that this color often suggests a personality that is moody, Psychology Today argued that it is also a sign of sophistication as well as sensitivity.

I hope you enjoyed the article and have gotten some new insights into your child's personality. Of course, as they get older their favorite colors may change. So enjoy what you know about your child's personality because it's going to be like a box of chocolates.

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Your Child’s Favorite Color Shows Their Personality!